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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Management Quiz - 5

1. The tendency to place the primary responsibility for one's success or failure either within oneself or on outside forces is referred to as
[B]Emotional stability
[C]Locus of control

2. The tendency to see one's own personal traits in other people is called
[A]Perceptual defense
[D]The halo effect

3. A model of leadership that describes the relationship between leadership styles and specific organizational situations is referred to as
[A]Contingency approach
[B]Behavioral approach
[C]Trait approach
[D]Organizational approach

4. A key difference between the theories of Fiedler and Hersey and Blanchard is that
[A]Fiedler considered only task characteristics, while Hersey and Blanchard focused on the individual
[B]Hersey and Blanchard placed a greater emphasis on task characteristics than did Fiedler
[C]Fiedler examined a variety of characteristics, while Hersey and Blanchard focused solely on the individual
[D]Both (a) and (b) above

5. Which of the following theories deals with employee's perception of fairness?
[C]Need hierarchy

6. When Frito Lay, Inc., the US snacks company, uses hand-held computers to monitor daily sales activity, it is an example of
[A]Feedback control
[B]Feedforward control
[C]Concurrent control
[D]Technological control

7. A financial budget that estimates cash flows on a daily basis or weekly basis to ensure that the company can meet its obligations is called a
[A]Capital expenditure budget
[B]Balance sheet budget
[C]Cash budget
[D]Revenue budget

8. Which of these do you get when an organization's output of goods and services is divided by its inputs?
[C]Current ratio

9. ___________ is a process whereby companies find out how others do something better than they do and then try to imitate or improve on it.
[B]Continuous improvement

10. Standing plans are
[A]Plans that are developed to achieve a set of goals that are unlikely to be repeated in the future
[B]Plans that used to provide guidance for tasks performed repeatedly within the organization
[C]Plans that define company responses to specific situations, such as emergencies or setbacks
[D]Most important in the organizations

11. Wintel Corporation operates in a vibrant and unpredictable environment, which necessitates the use of both functional and divisional structures and the organization is required to have flexibility to use the functional resources across products or projects. Which of the following forms of organization structure is most appropriate for Wintel?
[A]Functional structure
[B]Product division
[C]Customer division
[D]Matrix structure

12. Quantitative techniques are very useful in making decisions under conditions of varying degrees of uncertainty. Torque Engineering Co. Ltd. faces the problem of allocating resources to its newly set up hydraulic pumps division. Which of the following decision-making techniques can help solve the problem?
[A]Linear programming
[B]Decision tree
[D]Waiting-line method

13. The open-system view of organizations stresses the need for adaptability in the organizational structure, and the interdependence of the system and the external environment. Open-system organizations have several common characteristics. Bajaj Auto’s entry into the motorcycles market in light of a fast declining demand for scooters is an attempt to achieve which of the following?
[B]Dynamic homeostasis

14. Quality of Work Life (QWL) aims at integrating the socio-psychological needs of people in the organization, the unique requirements of a particular technology, the structure and processes of the organization, and the existing socio-cultural milieu. It is concerned with the impact of work on people as well as on organization effectiveness. All of the following practices help improve QWL except one. Identify this practice.
[B]Job enrichment
[C]Job enlargement
[D]Creation of autonomous work groups

15. In addition to Operations Research (OR) techniques, there are several other techniques that can be used for improving productivity in organizations. Decibel Acoustics Ltd. has undertaken an exercise to reduce costs by analyzing and improving individual operations of its products. Which of the following techniques for improving productivity is Decibel said to have employed?
[A]Work simplification
[B]Time-event network
[C]Value engineering
[D]Total Quality Management (TQM)


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