Sunday, December 25, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz - 52

1. These two countries of the European Union decided finally to redraw borders as the Alpine glaciers dissolved due to global warming. Identify the name of the countries from the given options.
[A]Germany and Holland
[B]Italy and Switzerland
[C]France and Germany
[D]Austria and Finland

2. This bank proclaims ‘we understand your world’. We are talking about...
[B]HDFC Bank
[D]State Bank of India

3. ‘Quality in everything we do’, is the punch line that you would associate with ..
[B]Ernst & Young
[D]General Electric

4. European Central Bank is headquartered at…

5. Who is the present President of World Bank?
[A]Peter Medelson
[B]Rodrigo Rato
[C]Paul Wolfowitz
[D]Robert Zoellick

6. The first Indian company to be listed on NASDAQ was …
[A]Satyam Infosys
[B]Infosys Technologies
[C]Wipro Technologies

7. Can you identify the name of the mission that was launched by NASA to probe the galaxy in search of Earth like planets in March 2009?
[C]Da Vinchi

8. You would associate Narasimhan Committee with ...
[A]Poverty line fixation
[B]Banking sector reforms
[C]Center State Relations
[D]Tax reforms

9. Which of the following is the longest National Highway of India?

10. Which of the following represents the number of recognised stock exchanges in India in all?

11. Which of the following represents the expanded form of MAT?
[A]Minimum Allocated Tax
[B]Minimum Accounted Tax
[C]Medium Advisory Tax
[D]Minimum Alternate Tax

12. Asian Development Bank is headquartered at …
[C]Hong Kong

13. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) is chaired by ...
[A]Nripendra Mishra
[B]R.S.P. Sinha
[C]G.N. Bajpai
[D]J. Hari Narayan

14. This personality is the present brand ambassador of BSNL. We are talking about…
[A]Rani Mukherjee
[B]Deepika Padukone
[C]Kareena Kapoor
[D]Shilpa Shetty

15. Saint-Gobain is the name of the world leader of float glass. Can you identify the name of the country where it hails from?

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