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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 40

1. Fetter
[A]Warm By Rubbing; Make Sore By Rubbing
[B]Worship Of Idols; Excessive Admiration
[C]Intermarriage Between Races

2. Figurative
[A]Medley; Miscellany
[B]Not Literal But Metaphorical; Using A Figure Of Speech
[C]Following; Later

3. Finite
[A]Inclined To Cruelty
[B]State Of Being Valuable Or Loved
[D]Uncertain How To Act; Weak

4. Flail
[A]Features Of The Face
[B]Sneer; Like Cobwebs
[C]Thresh Grain By Hand; Strike Or Slap
[D]Abnormal; Irregular

5. Fleece
[A]Helper; Additional Or Subsidiary
[C]Put Down; Quiet
[D]Wool Coat Of A Sheep

6. Flora
[A]Frenzy; Great Excitement
[B]Plants Of A Region Or Era
[D]Moved By Sexual Love; Loving

7. Fluke
[A]Not Identical On Both Sides Of A Dividing Central Line
[B]Fortress; Defense
[C]Unlikely Occurrence; Stroke Of Fortune
[D]Very Unrefined; Grossly Insensible

8. Foil
[A]Command; Arrange; Consecrate
[C]Defeat; Frustrate
[D]Family Name

9. Ford
[A]Made Less Dense (Of A Gas)
[C]Change; Convert To Something Different
[D]Place Where A River Can Be Crossed On Foot

10. Formidable
[A]In Confusion; Disorderly
[B]Favorable; Kindly
[C]Turn Away From
[D]Menacing; Threatening

11. Founder
[A]Walking About; Moving
[B]One Who Is Skeptical Of The Existence Or Knowability Of A God Or Any Ultimate Reality
[C]Fail Completely; Sink
[D]Thicken; Congeal; Clot

12. Fraudulent
[B]Cheating; Deceitful
[C]Meanly Stingy; Parsimonious
[D]Suitable To Debate Or Courts Of Law

13. Friction
[A]Limit; Confine
[B]Weakness Of Mind
[C]Defeat; Frustrate
[D]Clash In Opinion; Rubbing Against

14. Fruition
[A]Hard; Inflexible
[B]Sediment Deposited By Running Water
[C]Given Freely; Unwarranted
[D]Bearing Of Fruit; Fulfillment; Realization

15. Furtive
[A]Turn Upside Down Or Inside Out
[B]Courting Behavior By Cringing And Flattering
[C]Anger At An Injustice
[D]Stealthy; Sneaky

16. Galaxy
[C]Mass For The Dead; Dirge
[D]The Milky Way; Any Collection Of Brilliant Personalities

17. Gamely
[A]Honor; Tribute
[B]Bravely; With Spirit
[C]Having Human Form Or Characteristics
[D]After Dinner

18. Garner
[A]Pertaining To The Science Of The Function Of Living Organisms
[B]Humoring; Yielding; Lenient
[C]Gather; Store Up
[D]Sleep Producer

19. Gaunt
[A]Swagger; Assumed Air Of Defiance
[B]Relating To Paradise; Blissful
[C]Lean And Angular; Barren
[D]Extremely Small

20. Genre
[A]Scoff At
[B]Mock; Ridicule
[C]Particular Variety Of Art And Culture