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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 39

1. Entrance
[A]Lack Of Balance Or Symmetry; Disproportion
[B]Overjoyed; In High Spirits
[C]Prevailing Style
[D]Put Under A Spell; Carry Away With Emotion

2. Eon
[A]Compress Or Shrink; Make A Pledge; Catch A Disease
[B]Long Period Of Time; An Age
[C]Having No Name
[D]Public Walk

3. Epitaph
[A]Branching Into Two Parts
[B]Plowed But Not Sowed; Uncultivated
[C]Territory Enclosed Within An Alien Land
[D]Inscription In Memory Of A Dead Person

4. Equilibrium
[A]Soil; Defile
[B]Condition In Which Blood Lacks Red Corpuscles
[D]Public Brawl

5. Erode
[B]Eat Away
[C]Not Active; Acted Upon

6. Eschew
[A]Monarch With Supreme Power
[B]Drifting Wreckage
[C]Speediness; Prompt Execution; Message Sent With All Due Speed

7. Ethnic
[A]Failure To Do
[C]Sleep Producer
[D]Relating To Races

8. Euthanasia
[A]Fixed Idea; Continued Brooding
[C]Mercy Killing
[D]Unlimited Authority Or Freedom

9. Exalt
[A]Pass Into Or Through; Penetrate (An Organization) Sneakily
[B]Raise In Rank Or Dignity; Praise
[C]Uneasiness; Distress
[D]Swollen Or Puffed As With Water Or Air

10. Execute
[A]Conquer; Bring Under Control
[B]Lacking In Spirit
[C]Put Into Effect; Carry Out
[D]Related To Monks

11. Exhume
[A]Seriousness; Gravity
[B]Glowing Ardor
[C]Dig Out Of The Ground; Remove From A Grave
[D]Shield; Defense

12. Expatiate
[A]Created By Statute Or Legislative Action
[B]Talk At Length
[D]Unutterable; Cannot Be Expressed In Speech

13. Expletive
[C]Withdrawal; Retreat
[D]Interjection; Profane Oath

14. Extemporaneous
[A]Related; Belonging To The Same Family
[B]Not Planned; Impromptu

15. Extrinsic
[A]Longing; Urge
[B]Not Inherent; Foreign
[C]Not Frank; Eluding
[D]Increase Or Intensify

16. Faculty
[A]Alter; Modify
[B]Worship Of Idols; Excessive Admiration
[C]Mental Or Bodily Powers; Teaching Staff
[D]Lament With Music

17. Fencier
[A]Sleep Producer; Deadener Of Pain
[B]Breeder Or Deal Of Animals
[D]Obligated; Indebted

18. Fathom
[B]Comprehend; Investigate
[C]Warm, Sultry Wind Blown From Africa To Southern Europe
[D]Brief And To The Point

19. Feign
[A]Prudent; Cautious
[B]Gold And Silver In The Form Of Bars

20. Fervent
[A]Advise Against
[B]Ardent; Hot
[C]Tending Or Leaning Toward; Bent
[D]Wanton; Lewd; Dissolute