Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 35

1. Canker
[A]Odd; Unpredictable
[B]Very Bad
[C]Any Ulcerous Sore; Any Evil
[D]Wanton; Profane

2. Canvass
[B]Proverb; A Truth Pithily Stated
[C]Determine Votes, Etc.
[D]Word For Word

3. Carafe
[A]Suffering For A Disease; Destroyed
[B]Spiteful; Irritable; Peevish
[C]Sheer; Transparent
[D]Glass Water Bottle; Decanter

4. Carnal
[A]Last Stop Of Railroad
[B]Having A Deteriorating Or Depreciating Effect On The Meaning Of A Word
[D]State Of Being Valuable Or Loved

5. Cascade
[A]Detest; Hate
[B]Small Waterfall
[C]Rude; Clownish
[D]Relating To Paradise; Blissful

6. Cataract
[A]Very Carefully
[B]Entire Range
[C]Make Thin; Weaken
[D]Great Waterfall; Eye Abnormality

7. Caucus
[A]Agreeable; Lovable
[B]Heavenly; Celestial
[C]Crash; Rush
[D]Private Meeting Of Members Of A Party To Select Officers Or Determine Policy

8. Celerity
[A]Physician Specializing In Delivery Of Babies
[B]Ward Off A Blow
[C]Speed; Rapidity
[D]Come About By Addition

9. Centigrade
[A]Headlong; Rash
[B]Measure Of Temperature Used Widely In Europe
[C]Pass Into Or Through; Penetrate (An Organization) Sneakily
[D]Change Of Form

10. Cessation
[A]Good-Natured; Merry
[B]Honor; Tribute

11. Chassis
[A]Official Periodical Publication
[B]Silent; Muffled; Toned Down
[C]Framework And Working Parts Of An Automobile
[D]Overstock; Fill To Excess

12. Cherubic
[B]Pedestal; Raised Platform
[C]Angelic; Innocent Looking

13. Choreography
[C]Moment Of Calm
[D]Art Of Dancing

14. Circumlocution
[A]Occurring Or Taking Place Within The Subject; Unreal
[B]Curry Favor; Act In An Obsequious Way
[C]Indirect Or Roundabout Expression
[D]Desert; Abandon; Renounce

15. Clairvoyant
[A]Generous; Charitable
[B]Having Foresight
[C]Three-Pronged Spear
[D]A Thing That Completes Another; Things Very Much Alike

16. Claustrophobia
[A]Join; Unite
[B]Living Language; Natural Style
[C]Fear Or Hatred Of Foreigners
[D]Fear Of Being Locked In

17. Climactic
[A]Prevent By Taking Action In Advance
[B]Relating To The Highest Point
[C]Combine, Unite In One Body
[D]Combine, Unite In One Body

18. Coddle
[A]Damaged; Disfigured
[B]To Treat Gently
[C]Equality; Close Resemblance
[D]Destruction By Fire

19. Cogitate
[A]Abundance; Wealth
[B]Think Over
[C]Having A Pale Or Sickly Color; Pallid
[D]Bring Up; Feed; Educate

20. Coiffure
[A]Harmful; Damaging
[D]Move Faster

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