Saturday, November 26, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 41

1. The formalization of management's attitude toward risk is called _____ .
[A]Decision Theory.
[B]Utility Theory.
[C]Decision Tree Analysis.
[D]Sensitivity Analysis.
[E]Probability Analysis.

2. The range of time allowed for an activity to be completed in is the _____.
[A]Planned time (Duration).
[B]Float time (LS - ES, or LF - EF).
[C]Critical time (when ES = LS, or EF = LF).
[D]Scheduled time (LF - ES).

3. When items to be purchased for a project are specified by performance characteristics:
[A]paperwork is greatly reduced
[B]the supplier is held liable for the operation of the item
[C]the supplier is held liable for the maintenance of the item
[D]the supplier is held liable for that the item meets the design, dimensions, and tolerance specifications.
[E]B and D only

4. You have assembled your thoughts into a message. As you pass this information to a second party, you are giving this person your:
[E]A and C

5. Deflection involves the transfer of risk by:
[A]Contracting out to another party
[B]Developing schedule alternative.
[C]Establishing functions under the project manager to handle risk events.
[D]Disaster planning and responses.
[E]None of the above.

6. Filling vacant positions by recruiting within the organization
[A]Is exempt from equal employment opportunity laws
[B]Is less expensive than recruiting externally
[C]Can help provide new and innovative ideas to the organization
[D]Is more time consuming than recruiting externally
[E]A and B

7. The accounting head asks an assistant to cut the payroll checks today. The head later arrives to sign the checks, only to find that the assistant shredded (cut) the blank check forms. Which phrase best describes this lack of communication.
[A]Bypass instruction
[B]Faulty perception of reality
[C]Bad attitude of listener
[D]Lazy listening

8. Which of the following are among Phil Crosby's "absolutes of quality'.
[A]the performance of standard is zero defects
[B]do everything right the first time, each time
[C]constantly improve each product and each service
[D]the measurement system is the cost of nonconformance
[E]A and D only

9. Which of the following impacts the critical path?
[A]Changing the task duration.
[B]Reduce the free float of an activity.
[C]Executing a backward pass
[D]A or B
[E]None of the above.

10. A(n) _____ is defined as a specified accomplishment in a particular instant in time which does not consume time or resources.
[E]Event constrained within planned effort.

11. According to labor law, which of the following management actions are prohibited during a union organizing drive?
[A]Forbidding employees from distributing union literature in working areas
[B]Implementing previously scheduled pay raises
[C]Forbidding unions from soliciting workers during working hours
[D]Circulating anti-union petitions
[E]All of the above

12. All of the following statements define the role of a meeting chairperson except:
[A]Initiates and concludes discussion
[B]Controls irrelevant discussion
[C]Resolves strong disagreements
[D]Produces meeting agenda
[E]Consolidates agreements.

13. Attributes quality data are:
[A]quantitative or qualitative data
[B]quality data for which the products or services is designed and built.
[C]reflect measurements on a continuous scale of a characteristic of the product or service
[D]indicate management's understanding of the concept of variability
[E]A and B only

14. Lessons learned are most often based upon project historical records. Lessons learned can be used to:
[A]See what mistakes others have made
[B]See how others have solved problems
[C]Predict trends, highlight problems and identify alternatives
[D]All of the above
[E]A and B only

15. Risk mitigation includes all but which of the following:
[A]Developing system (policies, procedures, responsibilities)
[B]Obtaining insurance against loss
[C]performing contingent planning
[D]developing planning alternatives
[E]identification of project risks.

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