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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 34

1. Bait
[A]Open Widely
[B]Grave; Serious; Coy
[C]Harass; Tease
[D]Make Secure Against Loss; Compensate Loss

2. Barrage
[A]Cause Of Ruin
[B]Avaricious; Eagerly Desirous Of
[C]Accidental Transposition Of Sounds In Successive Words
[D]Barrier Laid Down By Artillery Fire

3. Bauble
[C]Assent; Agree Passively
[D]Trinket; Trifle

4. Beget
[A]Large Group
[B]Most Favorable
[C]Father, Produce; Give Raise To
[D]Impartial; Not Supporting One Side Over Another

5. Belated
[A]Unlikely Occurrence; Stroke Of Fortune
[B]Branching Out; Subdivision
[D]Short Speech At Conclusion Of Dramatic Work

6. Benediction
[B]Ability To Foresee Future Happenings; Prudence
[C]Pay Costs For

7. Benison
[A]Scatter (Like Seeds)
[C]Reject; Mock
[D]Branching Into Two Parts

8. Berserk
[A]Original Work Used As A Model By Others
[B]Sleight Of Hand
[C]Analysis; Cutting Apart In Order To Examine

9. Biased
[A]Plainly Expressed
[B]Lean And Angular; Barren
[C]Slanted; Prejudiced

10. Billowing
[A]Cliff; Dangerous Position
[B]Lack Of Self-Confidence Or Courage
[C]Rising Or Swelling Like Waves

11. Blasphemy
[B]Cursing; Irreverence; Sacrilege
[C]Person Or Thing In Excess Of What Is Necessary; Extra
[D]Brand; Mark As Wicked

12. Bluff
[A]Condition In Which Blood Lacks Red Corpuscles
[B]Pretense(Of Strength); Deception; High Cliff
[C]Make Whole; Combine; Make Into One Unit
[D]Dethrone; Remove From Office

13. Bombastic
[A]Pertaining To Country People; Uncouth
[B]Pompous; Using Inflated Language
[C]Wasting Away
[D]Black Magic; Dealings With The Dead

14. Brackish
[A]Act Of Finding Oneself In Society
[B]Worldly; Not Pertaining To Church Matter
[C]Fern Leaf; Palm Or Banana Leaf
[D]Somewhat Saline

15. Brevity
[A]Associate With
[B]List; Mention One By One
[C]Chance; Luck

16. Brooch
[A]Gift Giver; Patron
[B]State Of Being Parallel; Similarity
[C]Ornamental Clasp
[D]Inactive; Lacking Power To Move

17. Bulwark
[A]Union; Coalition
[B]Extinct Flying Reptile
[C]Earthwork Or Other Strong Defense
[D]Immaterial; Without A Material Body

18. Burnish
[B]Conspicuously Wicked
[D]Make Shiny By Rubbing; Polish

19. Cadaverous
[A]Capable Of Being Bribed
[B]Scoff At
[C]Like A Corpse; Pale

20. Callow
[A]Doubter; Person Who Suspends Judgment Until He Has Examined The Evidence Supporting A Point Of View
[B]Vigorous; Strong
[C]Youthful; Immature
[D]Lassitude; Depression