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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 31

1. Trident
[A]Tranquil; Steady; Uniform
[B]Practical Person
[C]Three-Pronged Spear
[D]Holding Fast

2. Truism
[A]To Be Annoyed Or Vexed
[C]Self-Evident Truth

3. Ulterior
[A]Humoring; Yielding; Lenient
[B]Situated Beyond; Unstated
[C]Make A Harsh Noise; Have An Unpleasant Effect
[D]A Place Where Bees Are Kept

4. Unbridled
[A]Unruly; Refractory
[C]Someone Who Bears The Blame For Others
[D]Corrosive; Sarcastic

5. Venerable
[A]Woman Who Rules A Family Or Larger Social Group
[B]Pester; Annoy
[C]Made Less Dense (Of A Gas)
[D]Deserving High Respect

6. Ventriloquist
[A]Quarrel; Obtain Through Arguing
[B]Someone Who Can Make His Or Her Voice Seem To Come From Another Person Or Thing
[C]Partner In Crime
[D]Going Astray; Erratic; Cunning

7. Verbiage
[A]Hesitate; Shrink
[B]Irritable; Easily Angered
[C]Pompous Array Of Words
[D]Animal Or Plant Living On Another; Toady; Sycophant

8. Vernal
[A]Public Brawl
[B]Alter; Modify
[C]Pertaining To Spring

9. Viable
[A]Four-Footed Animal
[D]Capable Of Maintaining Life

10. Vignette
[A]Able To See Differences; Prejudiced
[B]Picture; Short Literary Sketch
[C]Vibrate Pendulumlike; Weaver
[D]Comparison Of One Thing With Another, Using The Word "Like" Or "As"

11. Virtual
[A]Supporter, Follower
[C]In Essence; For Particular Purposes
[D]Plants Of A Region Or Era

12. Viscous
[A]Dishonest Behavior
[B]Humorous Imitation; Travesty
[D]Sticky; Gluey

13. Vivacious
[A]Warn; Reprove
[B]Animated; Gay
[C]Belief That Events Are Determined By Forces Beyond One'S Control
[D]Leave To Someone By A Will; Hand Down

14. Voluble
[A]Pertaining To Land Or Its Cultivation
[B]Fluent; Glib
[C]The Intelligent And Educated Classes [Often Used Derogatory]
[D]Lie; Mislead; Attempt To Conceal The Truth

15. Vying
[A]Anger At An Injustice
[C]Top; Pinnacle
[D]Pleasing In Sound

16. Wane
[A]Elastic; Having The Power Of Springing Back
[C]Slow; Sluggish
[D]Grow Gradually Smaller

17. Wary
[C]Not Wise
[D]Very Cautious

18. Willful
[A]Living Language; Natural Style
[C]Intentional; Headstrong
[D]Introductory Statement

19. Wistful
[A]Extremely Dry; Very Thirsty
[B]Changing In Form; Fickle
[D]Vaguely Longing; Sadly Thoughtful

20. Worldly
[A]Bankrupt; Lacking Money To Pay
[B]State Of Being Inert Or Indisposed To Move
[C]Prophetic; Pertaining To Revelations
[D]Engrossed In Matters Of This Earth; Not Spiritual