Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 30

1. Superfluous
[A]Trick; Stratagem
[B]Excessive; Overabundant; Unnecessary
[C]Tip; Summit; Climax
[D]Token Of Disgrace; Brand

2. Supple
[A]Changing Its Habitat; Wandering
[B]Flexible; Pliant
[C]Period Of Time
[D]Stir To Anger; Cause Retaliation

3. Surly
[A]Having Minute Hairs
[B]Authorized Agent
[D]Rude; Cross

4. Susceptible
[C]Impressionable; Easily Influenced; Having Little Resistance, As To A Disease
[D]Heterogeneous Mixture; Medley

5. Swerve
[A]Ability; Capacity
[B]Deviate; Turn Aside Sharply
[D]Heterogeneous Mixture; Medley

6. Synchronous
[B]Tie With A Rope
[C]Similarly Timed; Simultaneous With

7. Tainted
[A]Stroll Slowly
[B]Violent Anguish
[C]Contaminated; Corrupt
[D]Crazy; Comic

8. Tantrum
[B]Inclined To Cruelty
[C]Fit Of Petulance; Caprice
[D]Operate With Hands

9. Taut
[A]Conceit; Vanity
[C]Not Wise
[D]Tight; Ready

10. Tenet
[A]Grow Tiresome
[B]Doctrine; Dogma

11. Terminate
[A]Spiritual Rebirth
[B]Bring To An End
[C]Join; Unite
[D]Put To Rout; Defeat; Disconcert

12. Tessellated
[A]Express Evil Satisfaction; View Malevolently
[B]Trivial; Shallow
[D]Inlaid; Mosaic

13. Throes
[A]Pertaining To Spring
[B]Capable Of Maintaining Life
[C]Violent Anguish
[D]Not Identical On Both Sides Of A Dividing Central Line

14. Timorous
[A]Slightly Sour; Sharp, Caustic
[C]Movable; Not Fixed
[D]Fearful; Demonstrating Fear

15. Titular
[A]Swamp Gas; Odor Of Decaying Matter
[B]Written Statement Made Under Oath
[C]Nominal Holding Of Title Without Obligations
[D]Pertaining To The Stars

16. Torso
[A]Discipline; Punish In Order To Correct
[B]Trunk Of Statue With Head And Limbs Missing; Human Trunk
[C]Correct; Change, Generally For The Better
[D]Not Essential; External

17. Tractable
[A]Pertaining To Hell; Devilish
[B]Make Discontented
[D]Sleight Of Hand

18. Transient
[B]Fleeting; Quickly Passing Away; Staying For A Short Time
[C]Grow Gradually Smaller
[D]Lethargy; Sluggishness; Dormancy

19. Trappings
[B]Outward Decorations; Ornaments
[C]Hostile; Opposed; Actively Resisting
[D]Boisterous Merrymaking

20. Tremor
[A]To Speak Or Write In An Exaggerately Enthusiastic Matter
[B]Inactive; Lacking Power To Move
[C]Trembling; Slight Quiver

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