Saturday, November 19, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 34

1. Quality control is normally performed by the _____ .
[A]QA personnel
[B]project team
[C]operating personnel
[D]project management
[E]None of the above.

2. Situations calling for a matrix organization include outside pressure for dual focus, _____ and pressure for high information processing capability.
[A]Pressure for clear accountability
[B]Pressure for reduced duplication of effort
[C]Pressure for shared resources
[D]Pressure for formalized communication

3. The net present value of $110 one year from now at 10% is:
[D]$100 less taxes
[E]$100 less taxes and interest

4. The receiver filters messages based on all but the following:

5. Going from Level 2 to Level 4 in the work breakdown structure will result in
[A]Less estimating accuracy
[B]Better control of the project
[C]Lower status reporting costs
[D]A greater likelihood that something will fall through the cracks
[E]None of the above

6. On November 1, $1000 worth of work on task A was supposed to have been done (BCWS); however, the BCWP was $850. Calculate the schedule variance:

7. The Quality Risk _____ .
[A]is minimized through continuous monitoring.
[B]is considered a long term risk.
[C]will be reflected in the in-service life of the project result.
[D]B and C
[E]All of the above.

8. The act of conducting or supervising the exchange of information is:
[B]Project Management
[C]Communications Management
[D]Communications Enhancement
[E]None of the above

9. The core function of the project manager is
[A]Systems design
[B]Client interfacing
[C]Quality assurance

10. The future value of an annual income flow of $1000 for 2 years at 10% is:
[E]None of the above

11. The initial cost of a product and the product's operation and maintenance costs _____ .
[A]increases perceived value when balanced.
[B]are incidental to each other because initial costs are "sunk"
[C]decreases design costs as operation periods increase
[D]provides perceived function value and product social dysfunction
[E]are integrally related with each other because initial costs are "sunk".

12. All of the following may hinder a person's ability to transmit/receive a message except:
[A]Unfamiliarity with topic
[B]Withholding information

13. Quality Improvement Programs are normally associated with which two of the following?
[A]Juran and Crosby
[B]Juran and Deming
[C]Crosby and Deming
[D]Deming and the Japanese
[E]Crosby and the Japanese

14. The Utility Theory _____ .
[A]considers risk propensity of the decision maker.
[B]attempts to formalize management's risk considerations.
[C]works well with decision tree analysis.
[D]is considered highly theoretical.
[E]All of the above.

15. The document authorizing functional areas to charge against the project is the:
[A]Work authorization form
[B]Scope baseline
[C]Project charter
[D]Management plan
[E]Linear responsibility chart

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