Friday, November 18, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 28

1. Resolution
[A]place where different tree varieties are exhibited
[D]boisterous laughter

2. restive
[A]right granted by authority
[B]oval; ambiguous, either purposely or because key words have been left out
[C]front of the building
[D]unmanageable; fretting under control

3. retinue
[A]impose (a fine); collect (a payment)
[B]state of being immovable
[D]following; attendants

4. retroactive
[A]science of law
[B]one who treats disorders of the feet
[C]frenzied; frantic
[D]of a law which dates back to a period before its enactment

5. revile
[B]idealistic but impractical
[C]slander; vilify
[D]study of language

6. rife
[A]existence; means of support; livelihood
[B]dig out of the ground; remove from a grave
[C]study of word parts
[D]abundant; current

7. rococo
[A]sleeping; lethargic; torpid
[B]ornate; highly decorated
[C]dissolve; disperse

8. rotundity
[A]bitterness of speech and temper
[B]roundness; sonorousness of speech
[C]curving outward
[D]having no name

9. ruminate
[A]harm someone's reputation; malign
[B]friendly; aiming to please
[C]chew the cud; ponder
[D]discuss fully

10. sacrilegious
[A]painting on plaster (usually fresh)
[C]desecrating; profane

11. sallow
[A]swagger; assumed air of defiance
[B]cure-all; remedy for all diseases
[D]yellowish; sickly in color

12. sanguinary
[A]deceit; duplicity
[B]make friendly after quarrel; correct inconsistencies
[D]deed or action, particularly a brave deed

13. satellite
[A]exile; someone who has withdrawn from his native land
[B]small body revolving around a larger one
[C]similarly timed; simultaneous with
[D]prank; flighty conduct

14. satyr
[A]froth; foam
[B]speed of music
[C]causing plague; baneful
[D]half-human, half-bestial being in the court of Dionysus, portrayed as wanton and cunning

15. scavenger
[A]inhabitant of
[B]pertaining to the brain or intellect
[C]story set in music, to be sung by a chorus
[D]collector and disposer of refuse; animal that devours refuse and carrion

16. scrupulous
[A]clash in opinion; rubbing against
[C]conscientious; extremely thorough
[D]group of three works

17. sebaceous
[A]conspicuously wicked
[B]after dinner
[C]oily; fatty
[D]yearly allowance

18. seraph
[C]clearness of expression; freedom from ambiguity
[D]high-ranking, six-winged angel

19. severity
[A]worthless products of an endeavor
[B]special usage in language
[C]denial of traditional values; absolute skepticism
[D]harshness; plainness

20. shimmer
[A]cowardly; fainthearted
[B]after dinner
[D]glimmer intermittently

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