Friday, November 18, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 33

1. History has shown that project managers can be trained in a combination of ways. Which method is usually preferred by most companies?
[A]Experiential learning, on-the-job
[B]Formal education and special course (degreed programs)
[C]Professional activities, seminars
[D]Individual readings
[E]None of the above

2. The purpose of configuration management is to:
[A]insure drawings are updated
[B]control change throughout the project
[C]control change during the production only
[D]generate engineering change proposals
[E]inform the project manager of changes

3. Three types of written media used in organizations are _____, _____, and ______.
[A]manual, letters, guidelines
[B]individually-oriented, legally-oriented, organizationally oriented
[C]guidelines, forms, procedures
[D]letters, guidelines, brochures
[E]letters, contracts, policies.

4. Which of the following is considered a direct cost for producing a widget?
[A]The cost of the materials used to produce a widget.
[B]The labor costs of the workers who actually produced the widget.
[C]The rent for the building in which the widget was manufactured
[D]The salary of senior management and the project sponsor
[E]A and B only

5. _____ best describes the goal of a project in its relationship with the customer, from initial contact through delivery.
[A]fitness for use
[B]customer satisfaction
[C]conformance to requirements
[D]fitness for purpose
[E]All of the above.

6. A communicator can present information using the following media except:
[E]Both A and B

7. Advantages of the functional (hierarchical) form of organization include _____ and creation of technical competence.
[A]Ease of horizontal coordination
[B]Clearly defined authority
[C]High information processing capability
[D]Single voice to customers

8. Quality and _____ are directly related.
[B]cost overruns
[C]scope control
[D]Pareto diagram
[E]None of the above.

9. Resource leveling will often affect the project by making it:
[C]More responsive to customer needs.
[D]A and C
[E]B and C.

10. Selection criteria for project selection include:
[A]cost versus benefit
[C]contribution towards organizational goals
[D]rate of return
[E]All of the above.

11. The Statement of Work (SOW) is developed during the _____ cycle.

12. Which of the following depreciation methods provides for accelerated depreciation of an asset:
[A]Double declining balance.
[B]Straight line.
[C]Exponential depreciation
[D]Double sum of the years digits
[E]Double increasing balance

13. A plan has budgeted three weeks of effort for consultants, but the job was done in only two weeks. Calculate the variance:
[E]None of the above.

14. A warranty may not be a remedy for products delivered unfit when _____ .
[A]the PM has knowledge of the product, inspected it without relying on the seller's skill
[B]the products delivered comply with the plans and specifications of the client
[C]the plans and specifications produced by the seller match the completed product.
[D]A and B
[E]None of the above.

15. Graphical displays of accumulated cost and labor hours, plotted as a function of time, are called:
[A]Variance reports
[B]S curves
[C]Trend analysis
[D]Earned value reporting
[E]Baseline control

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