Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 26

1. Perversity
[A]science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in
[B]stubborn maintenance of a wrong cause
[D]combine, unite in one body

2. phenomena
[A]drawback; debts
[B]observable facts; subjects of scientific investigation
[C]vain about dress and appearance

3. physiognomy
[A]cause of complaint
[D]striking one object against another sharply

4. pillory
[A]presumptuous; arrogant
[B]frugality; thrift; agriculture
[C]downward slope
[D]punish by placing in a wooden frame and subjecting to ridicule

5. pivotal
[C]crucial; key; vital
[D]convenient features; courtesies

6. plenipotentiary
[A]monumental tomb
[C]fully empowered
[D]sharp, bitterly pungent

7. poignancy
[A]cautious; careful
[B]combining parts into a whole
[C]most sacred; inviolable
[D]quality of being deeply moving; keenness of emotion

8. posthumous
[A]digressing; rambling
[B]after death (as of a child born after father's death or book published after author's death)
[C]condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles
[D]support; act superior toward

9. potion
[A]pertaining to the art of delineating; vividly described
[C]expert at
[D]dose (of liquid)

10. prate
[A]place for spiritual expiation
[B]speak foolishly; boast idly
[C]denial; disclaiming

11. precipice
[A]place into a case
[B]tax of one-tenth
[C]cliff; dangerous position

12. predatory
[A]stir to anger; cause retaliation
[B]compensating; rewarding
[D]addition of details; intricacy

13. proscribe
[A]prototype; primitive pattern
[B]rapidly and efficiently
[C]ostracize; banish; outlaw
[D]abusive; scolding

14. prototype
[A]the meat of a deer
[C]original work used as a model by others
[D]lack of self-confidence or courage

15. provisional
[A]summary; concise abstract
[C]pertaining to the moon

16. prune
[A]poor verse
[B]sharp projection from fishhook, etc.
[C]cut away; trim
[D]quantity of motion of a moving body; impetus

17. pterodactyl
[A]become poplar with
[B]move briskly
[C]extinct flying reptile
[D]provide with some quality; endow

18. pulsate
[D]shaky; infirm from old age

19. purchase
[A]defamatory; injurious to the good name of a person
[B]firm grasp or footing
[C]outcome; final development of the plot of a play
[D]pertaining to mental derangement

20. pusillanimous
[A]clearness of expression; freedom from ambiguity
[B]cowardly; fainthearted
[C]strip; deprive
[D]unit of weight of precious stones; measure of fineness of gold

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