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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Business Quiz - 6

1. What was the movement behind, “Doodh, doodh, doodh, doodh.. Doodh hai wonderful, pi sakte hai roze glass full...” called? 
[A]Got Milk movement 
[B]Operation Flood 
[C]‘Milk for all’ campaign 
[D]Green revolution 

2. Who used the tagline, “All the news that’s fit to print”? 
[A]Boston Globe 
[B]The Times 
[C]Asian Age 
[D]New York Times 

3. ‘New Coke’ was Coca Cola’s most infamous product failure. But another product it launched also failed. What was it called? 
[A]Crystal Coke 
[B]Black Coke 
[C]OK Cola 
[D]Caffeine Cola 

4. How did Pepsi gets its name? 
[A]It was peppermint flavoured 
[B]The founding member’s dog’s name was Pepsi 
[C]It gave you a peppy feeling 
[D]It claimed to contain pepsin initially. 

5. Who’s logo has a polo player mounted on a horse, with his stick held high? 
[B]Ralph Lauren 
[D]Hugo Boss 

6. This beer company claims that it is "The King of Beers". 

7. This Dutch company used the tagline, “Refresher The Parts Other Beers Can’t Reach” 

8. When consumers have a strong need that can’t be met by any existing product, what is it called (term was coined by Philip Kotler)? 
[A]Surface Demand 
[B]Latent Demand 
[C]Pool Demand 
[D]Positron Demand 

9. In South America, Ford once marketed a car under the name ‘Pinto’, but the product didn’t sell. Why? 
[A]‘Pinto’ is Brazilian slang for “small male genitalia”. 
[B]‘Pinto’, in Portuguese, means “dead parrot”. 
[C]It was priced far too high. 
[D]The distributor network of Ford was very weak in South America. 

10. In China, Coca Cola used the name “Ke-Kou-Ke-La”, but this was a disaster. Why? 
[A]China imposed high taxes on all imports. 
[B]The colour of the cola made people believe it was not hygienic. 
[C]Black is the colour of death in Chinese cutlture. 
[D]“Ke-Kou-Ke-La” means “bite the wax tadpole”. 

11. Which Irish beer’s tagline was, “Out of the darkness comes light” 

12. KFC told the world that their chicken was 'finger lickin’ good'. What did they tell the people of China when they first went there (hint: their sales were abysmal at first)? 
[A]Lick it and love 
[B]Eat your fingers off 
[C]The best dead birds 
[D]Dead chicken fiesta 

13. Steven Speilberg’s “E.T. The Extraterrestrial” saw one of the first examples of product placements in movies. What was the brand used? 
[D]Ferrero Rocher 

14. This Mexican beer used the tagline, “Miles Away from Ordinary” 
[D]Coors Light 

15. Which car producer advertised itself as “The Ultimate Driving Machine”? 
[B]Alfa Romeo 
[D]Mercedes Benz