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Friday, November 11, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 23

1. Ludicrous
[A]displaying ostentatious or hypocritical devoutness
[B]circular building or hall covered with a dome
[C]laughable; trifling
[D]startling twist; caprice

2. lurid
[A]cutting; keen
[B]wild; sensational
[C]original work used as a model by others

3. machinations
[C]bombastic; inflated

4. maim
[A]intimate or mimic
[B]mutilate; injure
[C]sham; not genuine; inferior
[D]inclined to cruelty

5. malevolent
[A]below the threshold
[B]on the earth
[C]wishing evil

6. malodorous
[A]courage; spirit
[B]singing or chanting of magic spells; magical formula
[C]favoring success

7. maniacal
[A]an injury to body
[D]raving mad

8. maritime
[A]abandon; discontinue; disown; repudiate
[B]uneasiness; distress
[C]denounce; utter censure or invective
[D]bordering on the sea; nautical

9. maudlin
[A]echo; resound
[B]effusively sentimental
[C]cowardly; fainthearted

10. mayhem
[A]fear or hatred of foreigners
[B]an injury to body
[C]selective in choosing from a variety of sources
[D]thrift; economy

11. medley
[A]too certain to be disputed
[D]thick-skinned animal

12. mendacious
[B]conscientious; extremely thorough
[C]lying; false
[D]form of government of nation or state

13. meretricious
[A]deadly; destructive
[B]easy broken; difficult
[C]flashy; tawdry
[D]acquit; exculpate

14. metaphysical
[A]scoff at
[B]not essential; minor
[C]pertaining to speculative philosophy
[D]long life

15. microcosm
[A]repetition of beginning sound in poetry
[B]small world
[C]friendly; aiming to please
[D]turn aside

16. millennium
[A]glowing ardor
[B]needlessly repetitious
[C]mongrel; mixed breed
[D]thousand-year period

17. minutiae
[A]to equip
[D]petty details

18. miscegenation
[A]form of literature in which irony; sarcasm, and ridicule are employed to attack vice and folly
[B]approve; tolerate
[D]intermarriage between races

19. misgivings
[D]scold; rant

20. mite
[C]origin or source of something
[D]very small object or creature; small coin