Thursday, November 24, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 39

1. In general, groups will ____ the average individual problem solver on problems with multiple stages.
[A]Perform better than
[B]Perform worse than
[C]Take less time than
[D]Do about as well as

2. The scope baseline/project charter is prepared by the:
[A]Project manager
[B]Project manager and project office
[C]Project manager, project office and functional team
[D]Project manager, project office, functional team and project sponsor
[E]Project manager, project sponsor and customer/user

3. Warranty cost is an example of an _____ .
[A]internal failure cost
[B]appraisal cost
[C]external failure cost
[D]customer satisfaction cost
[E]All of the above.

4. Which of the following does not contribute to increased Schedule Risk?
[A]labor shortage
[B]contractor claims
[C]lack of access
[D]sponsor scope changes
[E]all may increase schedule risk

5. Which of the following is considered a method of accelerated depreciation:
[A]sum-of-the-years digit
[D]A and C
[E]All of the above.

6. Cost management includes processes that are required to maintain financial control of projects. These processes may include:
[A]economic evaluation
[B]cost estimating
[C]cost forecasting
[D]B and C
[E]All of the above.

7. In crashing a task, you would focus on:
[A]As many tasks as possible.
[B]Non critical tasks.
[C]Accelerating performance of tasks on critical path.
[D]Accelerate performance by minimizing cost.
[E]A and D.

8. Inspection processes are considered _____.
[A]an investment in the future
[B]an effective corrective process
[C]a necessary control process
[D]insults to production line employees
[E]None of the above.

9. Standard deviation of project completion is _____ .
[A]a relationship of the uncertainty of critical path activities.
[B]an indicator of project end date target confidence
[C]a function of critical path, leveling and project costs.
[D]A and B
[E]All of the above.

10. The project team form of organization confers both advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages of the project form include:
[A]Conflict in authority between project manager and functional managers
[B]Dual allegiance on part of team members
[C]Complex prioritization of resources
[D]Loss of developed procedures on project dissolution
[E]All of the above

11. Which of the following contract types has the highest risk to the contractor:
[A]Firm fixed price (FFP)
[B]Time and material (T&M)
[C]Cost plus fixed fee (CPFF)
[D]Cost plus incentive fee (CPIF)
[E]A and B only

12. Work authorization forms are needed in order to:
[A]Authorize line organizations to charge against the project
[B]Establish an audit trail
[C]Develop a structured methodology for release of funds
[D]All of the above
[E]A and C only

13. Your client, with which you have good relations, wants you to provide him with office supplies. This task is not supported under your contract. You respond to your client's informal request using which medium?
[D]A and C
[E]Form letter

14. A project manager wants to transmit a complex message to several subordinates. What is the best medium by which the manager can get his message across?
[D]A and B only
[E]A, B, and C.

15. A technique that can be used to measure the total income of a project compared to the total moneys expended at any period of time is:
[A]return on investment (ROI)
[B]net present value (NPV)
[C]discounted cash flow (DCF)
[D]B and C
[E]All of the above.

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