Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 10

1. Which of the following would most likely increase the accuracy of estimating the project cost?
[A]Pricing out the work at lower levels in the work breakdown structure.
[B]Using historical data.
[C]Talking to people who have worked on similar projects.
[D]All of the above.
[E]A and C only.

2. A variance envelope has been established on a project. The envelope goes from +-30% in R&D to +-5% during manufacturing. The reason for the change in thickness of the envelope is because:
[A]The management reserve has been used up.
[B]The accuracy of the estimates in manufacturing are worse than the estimates in R & D.
[C]Tighter controls are always needed as a project begins to wind down.
[D]Of the personal desires of the project sponsor.
[E]Of none of the above

3. Cost of quality is:
[A]associated with non-conformance to specifications and requirements.
[B]primarily caused by poor workmanship of workers who are building or manufacturing the product.
[C]used to determine whether a quality management program is suitable for a given project.
[D]negligible for most large projects.
[E]A and B

4. Management plans include all of the following except:
[A]Organization of project.
[B]Job descriptions.
[C]Policies and procedures.
[D]Linear responsibility charts.
[E]Scope baseline.

5. The Japanese resource management model exhibits:
[A]a cooperative spirit of goal setting.
[B]non-specialized career paths
[C]frequent changes in team assignments
[D]a Theory Z style of management
[E]All of the above.

6. The highest degrees of project risk and uncertainty are associated with the following phase of the project:
[D]post project evaluation
[E]A and D only

7. The most common types of schedules are Gantt charts, milestone charts, line of balance, and:
[B]Time phased events.
[C]Calendar integrated activities.
[D]A and C only.
[E]B and C only.

8. Which of the following is often overlooked in achieving effective communication?
[A]speaking clearly
[D]maintaining eye contact
[E]manipulating the conversation

9. Which type of contract requires that the buyer keep the tightest labor/material cost control?
[A]Cost Plus Incentive Fee
[B]Cost Plus Percentage of Costs
[C]Cost Plus Fixed Fee
[D]Firm Fixed Price
[E]Firm Fixed Price Plus Incentive

10. A task-oriented family tree of activities is a:
[A]Detailed plan.
[B]Linear responsibility chart.
[C]Work breakdown structure.
[D]Cost account coding system.
[E]Work package description.

11. Adding 5 people to a 4 person team increases the communication channels by a factor of:
[A]2 times
[B]3 times
[C]4 times
[D]5 times
[E]6 times

12. Cost management includes:
[A]Cost estimating/forecasting.
[B]Cost budgeting/cost control.
[C]Cost applications.
[D]All of the above.
[E]A and B only.

13. Participative Management:
[A]involves the solicitation of information from all team members.
[B]assumes that members avoid work and responsibility.
[C]suggests the sharing of power and decision making.
[D]employs a Theory X style of leadership.
[E]A and C

14. The auditing function that provides feedback about the quality of output is referred to as:
[A]quality control.
[B]quality planning.
[C]quality assurance.
[D]quality improvement
[E]All of the above.

15. The lowest dollar amount 'at stake' is associated with the following phase of the project:
[D]post project evaluation
[E]A and D only

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