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Satyamev Jayate Episode 4 Quiz

1. What was the theme line of fourth episode of the show Satyamev Jayate?
[A]Daughters are precious
[B]Break the Silence
[C]Marriage or Marketplace?
[D]Every Life is Precious

2. Which oath is taken by physicians, physician assistants' and other healthcare professionals to practice medicine ethically?
[A]Hippocratic Oath
[B]Pythagoreans' Oath
[C]Edelstein Oath
[D]Byzantine Oath

3. Which test is referred by Aamir Khan during the show to give Normal Blood Report?
[A]Basin Test
[B]RCB Test
[C]A-Z Blood Test
[D]Flush Test

4. What is the name of the statutory body for establishing uniform and high standards of medical education in India?
[A]All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
[B]The National Council for Human Resource in Health
[C]Medical Council of India (MCI)
[D]National Medical Council of India

5. The MCI was dissolved by the President of India on 15 May 2010 following the arrest of then MCI's president by the CBI on 22 April 2010. Name the person who was arrested for corruption?
[A]Ketan Desai
[B]K K Talwar
[C]Arjun Singh
[D]J P Singh

6. Who is the current chairman of Board of Governors of MCI?
[A]Ketan Desai
[B]K K Talwar
[C]Arjun Singh
[D]J P Singh

7. As per Dr. Dr. C M Gulhati, what is the percentage kickback given to Doctors by Pharmaceutical Companies?

8. What is the approximate number of surgeries which are performed on Human Body?

9. Which is the world's cheapest comprehensive health insurance scheme, at Rs.10 per month, designed by Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty and the Government of Karnataka for the poor farmers of the state?
[A]Aarogya Nidhi
[C]Employees' State Insurance Scheme (ESIS)
[D]Jeevan Vriddhi

10. What percentage of India’s Gross Domestic Product is spent on health care?

11. Aamir Khan says that if any NGO wants to set up a medical store selling generic medicines, it can get the grant of INR 50000. Which department/agency/institute gives this grant?
[A]Department of Health
[B]Indian Medical Association (IMA)
[C]Medical Council of India (MCI)
[D]Department of Chemicals and Fertilisers

12. Dr Samit Sharma says that according to the World Health Organization, what percentage of the population of India lacks access to essential medicines – 65 years after Independence?

13. What is the worth of generic drugs every year, which India exports?
[A]Approx Rs 25,000 crore
[B]Approx Rs 35,000 crore
[C]Approx Rs 45,000 crore
[D]Approx Rs 55,000 crore

14. Who is the lyricist of the song "Naav / Zindagi Zindagi" - Satyamev Jayate 4th Episode Song?
[A]Ram Sampath
[B]Suresh Bhatia
[C]Prasoon Joshi
[D]Keerthi Sagathia

15. Which NGO has been featured in this 4th episode of the show for the donations?
[A]Humanity Trust
[B]Unique Home for Girls


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