Saturday, May 26, 2012

General Awareness | People and Environment (Environment Quiz - 1)

1. Pollution is-
[A]Release of undesirable waste/toxic substance in the environment
[B]Removal of top soil
[C]Conservation of energy
[D]All of these

2. Spoiling of biotic and a biotic environment by physical/ chemical factors is termed as

3. Who was the first to recognise the problem of water pollution?

4. Pollution can bring about a change in
[A]Biogeochemical cycling
[B]Abiotic environment
[C]Biotic environment
[D]None of the above

5. Loss of relative biological equilibrium is due to-
[A]Low temperature
[B]High temperatutre

6. A normal component of environment becomes pollutant when its concentration crosses a threshold value is called
[A]Quantitative pollutant
[B]Qualitative pollutant
[C]Degradable pollutant
[D]Physical pollutant

7. Pollution is rising these days due to
[B]Population explosion
[C]Industries and transportation

8. Qualitative pollutant are
[A]Added by man
[B]Naturally occurring
[C]Present in high concentration
[D]None of these

9. The country which hosted first Earth Summit (June 1992) on conservation of environment

10. When was the air prevention and control of pollution act enacted in India?

11. When did water (prevention and control of pollution ) act come into operation in India?

12. Ganga Action Plan to restore the quality of river Ganga was launched in

13. When was NEPA (National Environment Policy Act) enforced in India?

14. The news paper contains one of the following toxic waste

15. The first indoor pollutant from furniture of which masses became aware?

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