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Current Affairs 2012 Quiz - 2

1. India and which country on March 1, 2012, decided to open a new chapter in bilateral cooperation by agreeing to undertake joint operations against sharing technological knowhow on sea bed research?
[B]New Zealand

2. The parliamentary committee on finance suggested in march 2012 that the impost be levied only if the value of specified assets exceeds
[A]Rs 5 cr
[B]Rs 25cr
[C]Rs 10 cr
[D]Rs 15 cr

3. When was Earth hour observed this year?
[A]March 31
[C]March 10
[D]March 21

4. According to the data released by the planning commission in march 2012 in urban india poverty fell to___ in 2009-10

5. The Govt in March 2012 approved a move to slash the interest on deposits with the employee provident fund (EPF) by 125 basis points to ___ for 2011-12

6. Where was the Bihar Shatabdi Samaroh Utsav held
[B]New Delhi

7. Which state chief minister has invited India Inc to invest in the state and take advantage of industrial policy announced by his govt. last year?
[B]West Bengal
[D]Uttar Pradesh

8. The centre has informed the supreme court that it has restricted which pilgrimage subsidy to ‘once in a lifetime’ as against to ‘once in five years’?
[B]All of the above

9. Omkar ibobi singh was sworn in as chief minsters for the third consecutive term of which state in march 2012?
[B]Arunachal Pradesh

10. Which of the following in march 2012 announced that it will stop publishing print edition of its flagship encyclopaedia for the first time in more than 200 yrs?

11. Who among the following won the 28th Capelle La Grande International open chess championship in France?
[A]P Hari Krishnan
[B]None of these
[C]Tornike sanikidze
[D]Parimrjan Negi

12. World no 3 Roger Federer in march 2012 beat whom in the India Wells finals to capture his third straight title and a record fourth Indian wells crown?
[A]Daniel Nona
[B]John Isner
[C]Bill willams
[D]Leander peas

13. Who became the youngest Indian boxer to make the cut for the Olympics by reaching the final at the asian qualifiers in Astana Kazakistan?
[A]Shiva Thapa
[B]Wasim salman
[C]Santosh Kumar
[D]Vijendra singh

14. As its three months old emerging market initiative Google has chosen which Indian city as its main centre from where products for emerging market like India Africa Latin America will be conceived and developed?

15. Telecom major Bharti Airtel has announced it will be ready to launch 4G Services in which Indian city?
[A]New Delhi


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