Tuesday, May 15, 2012

English Vocabulary for Competitive Exams(Vocabulary Quiz - 147)

1. Querulous
[A]Flatter Of Favors
[B]Bringing Into Conformity With Reason
[C]Fretful; Whining
[D]Branching Into Two Parts

2. Rancor
[A]Enigmatic; Mysterious
[B]Bitterness; Hatred
[C]Cut The Top Off
[D]Depressed; Gloomy

3. Recluse
[A]Monarch; Sovereign
[B]Artificial Channel For Directing Or Controlling The Flow Of Water
[D]Fear; Trembling Agitation

4. Refurbish
[A]Draw Out By Discussion
[B]Interpret Incorrectly; Misjudge
[D]Stale; Spoiled By Age

5. Remiss
[A]Worthless Products Of An Endeavor
[B]Flagrant; Consciously Obvious; Loudly Offensive
[C]Put Into Effect; Carry Out

6. Reprove
[B]Stockpile; Accumulate For Future Use
[C]Censure; Rebuke
[D]Shrivel; Decay

7. Retentive
[A]Painful Labor
[B]Odd; Old-Fashioned; Picturesque
[D]Holding; Having A Good Memory

8. Rigor
[C]Silly; Senseless
[D]Pacify; Conciliate

9. Rustic
[A]Last Demand; Warning
[B]Pertaining To Country People; Uncouth
[D]Of A Law Which Dates Back To A Period Before Its Enactment

10. Saturate
[A]Glimmer Intermittently
[B]Lack Of Seriousness
[D]Controlling Force

11. Secession
[A]Speak Foolishly
[C]Small Plane Surface (Of A Gem); A Side
[D]Quick Or Willing To Receive Ideas, Suggestions, Etc.

12. Silt
[A]Not Frank; Eluding
[B]Long Heroic Poem Or Similar Work Of Art
[C]Sediment Deposited By Running Water
[D]Bitterness Of Speech And Temper

13. Sleight
[A]Characteristic Of A Class Or Species
[B]Tasteless; Dull
[D]Common; Pertaining To The Common People

14. Sophistry
[A]Concise; Meaty
[B]Daydream; Musing
[C]Seemingly Plausible But Fallacious Reasoning
[D]Deadly; Destructive

15. Spurn
[A]Lead Astray; Wheedle
[B]Worsen; Embitter
[C]Reject; Scorn
[D]Put To Rout; Defeat; Disconcert