Monday, May 14, 2012

Latest GK for Competitive Exams (General Knowledge Quiz - 165)

1. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for a three-year term starting 15th May 2012.
[A]Rahul Khullar
[B]J S Sarma
[C]A Raja
[D]R P Singh

2. What is full form of COAI?
[A]Central Opthamologists Association of India
[B]Central Optical Advisory Institution
[C]Cellular Operators Association of India
[D]Central Officers Association of India

3. English is the official language of which one of the following Indian States

4. Who is the most powerful woman in according to Forbes magazine?
[A]Patricia Woertz
[B]Safra Catz
[C]Irene Rosenfeld
[D]Angela Braly

5. He was an American engineer and inventor who is most widely known as the inventor of the implantable cardiac pacemaker. He held more than 350 patents and was a member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Lemelson–MIT Prize. He passed away on September 27, 2011. Name him
[A]Wilson Greatbatch
[B]Casey Jones
[C]John Roebling
[D]Joseph Henry

6. Which is the most polluted city in India according to the latest report released by World Health Organization (WHO)?

7. What is the name for the kind of energy that is produced from coal?
[A]Chemical Energy
[B]Potential Energy
[C]Kinetic Energy
[D]Thermal Energy

8. Who organized Abhinav Bharat?
[A]Vir Savarkar
[B]Subhash Chandra Bose
[C]Chandra Shekhar Azad
[D]Khudiram Bose

9. Where does High pressure subtropical calm belts which are als known as "Horse Latitudes" lies?
[A]100 and 150
[B]150 and 200
[C]200 and 250
[D]300 and 350

10. How do we know the country "Rhodesia" presently?

11. What is the least perfect square number which is divisible by 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8?

12. When was the first electric railway opened?

13. Which game Michael Ferreira is associated with?
[B]Lawn Tennis

14. What is the function of haemoglobin in the body?
[A]Transportation of Oxygen
[B]Bacteria destruction
[C]Anemia prevention
[D]Storage of iron

15. Which disease is more common among agricultural workers as compared to urban population?
[B]Hookworm infection
[D]Lungs disease

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