Friday, June 2, 2023

Big Data Quiz | Data WareHouse Quiz - 1

1. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a Data Warehouse?

2. What is the primary function of a Data Warehouse?
Data storage
Data analysis
Data transformation
Data integration
3. Which architecture is commonly used in Data Warehouse systems?
Star schema
4. What is the main purpose of dimensional modeling?
Data transformation
Data integration
Data analysis
Data presentation
5. What does ETL stand for in the context of Data Warehousing?
Extract Transfer and Load
Extract Transform and Load
Export Transform and Load
Export Transfer and Load
6. What is OLAP used for in Data Warehousing?
Online Load Analysis Process
Online Layered Analysis Process
Online Analytical Processing
Online Aggregation and Logistics Process
7. What is the purpose of data mining?
Extracting data from databases
Analyzing data in real-time
Predicting future trends and patterns
Transforming data into a dimensional model
8. Which technique is used to find associations or relationships in data mining?
Association rules
9. What are the main applications of data mining?
Market basket analysis and fraud detection
Data visualization and reporting
Data integration and data transformation
Data cleansing and data profiling
10. What is Big Data characterized by?
Volume Variety Velocity Veracity
Volume Value Velocity Viscosity
Variety Velocity Visualization Veracity
Value Velocity Variety Viscosity

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