Thursday, May 11, 2023

Postman API Tool Interview Questions Answers Quiz

1. What is Postman?

A software tool for API development and testing
An email client for sending and receiving messages
A project management tool for software development
A database management system
2. What is a request in Postman?
An HTTP message sent from the server to the client
An HTTP message sent from the client to the server
A log of HTTP transactions
An authentication token
3. What is an API in Postman?
A database management system
A programming language for building web applications
A set of protocols and standards for building and interacting with software applications
A file transfer protocol
4. What is a collection in Postman?
A collection of programming functions
A collection of HTML and CSS files
A collection of database tables
A group of related requests and their associated data
5. What is an environment in Postman?
A database table
A set of programming functions
A set of variables and values used to configure requests
A file system
6. What is a test in Postman?
A software tool for code profiling
A database query
A programming function
A script that validates the response of a request
7. What is a pre-request script in Postman?
A script that runs after the request is sent used to validate the response
A script that runs before the request is sent used to configure the request
A script that runs during the request used to modify the request
A script that runs before the collection is executed used to set up the environment
8. What is Newman in Postman?
A web browser extension for testing APIs
A command-line tool for running Postman collections
A software library for building APIs
A database management system
9. What is a monitor in Postman?
A tool for monitoring the availability and performance of APIs
A tool for monitoring network traffic
A tool for monitoring disk usage
A tool for monitoring CPU usage
10. What is a mock server in Postman?
A server that hosts databases
A server that hosts web applications
A server that simulates an API for testing purposes
A server that hosts email clients

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