Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Conditional Sentences Quiz | English

1. It will be a disaster unless Krishna ______ us.

will help
would help
2. If they _______ our service when we asked them, they would get a discount now.
would support
would have supported
had supported
has supported
3. If I _______ a million dollars, I would start a business of my own.
had won
would win
has won
4. If I had more time, I _________ you.
would have helped
would help
had had helped
have had helped
5. Unless she ________ the test she will get her driving license next week.
would fail
have failed
6. Radhika won't finish it on time if she ________ right now.
would not start
does not start
would not have started
do not start
7. If I ________ in a hurry when I got up, I wouldn't catch the train.
had not been
had been
would have been
have been
8. If Rashmi ________ something to eat in the morning, she wouldn't feel sick now.
would have
would had
had had
have had
9. The dal isn't very good. It _______ better if you had put some spices on it.
would taste
would have tested
had tested
have tested
10. She _____ angry if you had told her.
would have got
would get
had got
have get

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