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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Class 3 English Worksheets Online - Word Order

A sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense.
Rearrange the jumbled words to make meaningful sentences.

1. Tarun/ good / a /singer/ is

Tarun is a singer good.
Tarun is a good singer.
Singer is a good Tarun.
Good singer is a Tarun.
2. playing/the /boys/football/are
The boys are football playing.
The football are playing boys.
The boys are playing football.
The playing football are boys.
3. flowers/in/put/some/the/vase
Put some flowers in the vase.
Put some vase in the flowers.
Vase put some flowers in the.
The vase in some put flowers.
4. new/bought/a/friend/my/bag
My bag bought a new friend.
My bought a new bag friend.
My friend a new bag bought.
My friend bought a new bag.
5. watching/loves/Tanvi/cartoons
Tanvi watching loves cartoon.
Tanvi loves watching cartoons.
Tanvi cartoon loves watching.
Watching Tanvi loves cartoons.
6. Ram/eating/lunch/is
Ram is eating lunch.
Lunch is eating Ram.
Eating is Ram lunch.
Eating Ram is lunch.
7. Krishna/friends/Sudama/and/good/were
Krishna Sudama and were good friends.
Sudama were and Krishna friends good.
Krishna and Sudama were good friends.
Good friends were Krishna and Sudama.
8. is/festival/the/colours/Holi/of
The colours of festival is Holi.
The festival Holi is colours of.
Festival is the Holi of colours.
Holi is the festival of colours.
9. should/we/go/temple/to/everyday
We should go to temple everyday.
Everyday should we to temple go.
Everyday go to should temple we.
We go should to temple everyday.
10. are/days/week/in/seven/there/a
There a week are in seven days.
There are seven days in a week.
Week are there in a seven days.
Seven days in a week there are.

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