Monday, March 29, 2021

Current GK Online Quiz - 29 March 2021

1. India and the US kicked off a two-day naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal, reflecting the growing congruence in their defence and military partnership. The exercise, which began on 28th March, will conclude today on 29th March 2021. Indian Navy deployed its warship Shivalik and long-range maritime patrol aircraft P8I in the ________________ exercise while the US Navy was represented by the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group.

2. ________________ is World Tuberculosis Day. The day is observed every year to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic consequences of Tuberculosis, TB, and to step up efforts to end the global epidemic.
22nd March
23rd March
24th March
25th March
3. Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and South Korean Defence Minister Suh Wook inaugurated the Indo-Korean Bilateral Friendship Park in Delhi Cantt on 26th march 2021. This Friendship Park has been built to commemorate the contribution of Indian peacekeepers during the Korean War from ________________.
1950 to 1953
1950 to 1954
1950 to 1955
1950 to 1956
4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has paid tribute to the Martyrs of Bangladesh liberation in Dhaka on 26th March 2021. After reaching at _____________________ International airport in Dhaka in his two day visit to Bangladesh, Mr. Modi straight away went to National Martyrs Monument, Savar for wreath laying ceremony.
Sheikh Hasina
Hazrat Shahjalal
5. The Parliament has passed the NBFID Bill, 2021 with the approval of Rajya Sabha on 25th March 2021. The Lok Sabha passed the Bill on Tuesday. The legislation seeks to establish the NBFID to support the infrastructure financing in the country. This includes development of bonds and derivatives markets which are necessary for infrastructure financing. What is NBFID?
National Bureau for Financing Infrastructure and Development
National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development
National Bank for Financing Institutions and Development
National Bank for Financing Industry and Development

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