Wednesday, March 10, 2021

10th March 2021 Current Affairs GK Today Quiz

1. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on 9th March 2021 virtually inaugurated Maitri Setu also called as India Bangladesh Friendship Bridge to give a boost to the relationship between the two countries. The bridge is 1.9 kilometres long. On which river it is built and connects Sabroom in south Tripura to Ramgarh in Bangladesh?

Manu river
Feni river
Haora river
Sunai river
2. Who took oath as Uttarakhand’s new CM on March 10, 2021?
Tirath Singh Rawat
Trivendra Singh Rawat
Dhan Singh Rawat
Anil Balooni
3. Which Indian Naval Ship was commissioned into the Indian Navy on March 10, 2021?
INS Vela
INS Vagir
INS Khanderi
INS Karanj
4. The 2nd edition of the annual bilateral joint military exercise of India and which other country - ‘DUSTLIK II’ commenced on March 10, 2021, in Ranikhet (Uttarakhand) and will continue till March 19th?
5. Which country has launched its first military exercises in space to test its ability to defend its satellites as well as other defence equipment from attack amid the growing competition between the world powers in Earth’s orbit?

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