Friday, February 19, 2021

Daily GK Quiz Current Affairs Quiz - 19th Feb 2021

1. Joint User Trials for Helina (Army Version) and Dhruvastra (Air Force Version) Missile Systems designed and developed by DRDO were carried out from Advanced Light Helicopter platform in desert ranges. What type of missiles are Helina and Dhruvastra, which were successfully tested on 19th Feb 2021 and are ready for induction?

2. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the Arbor Day Foundation have recognized which Indian city as a 2020 Tree City of World, for its commitment to growing and maintaining urban forests?
3. Today, 19th Feb 2021 is the birth anniversary of which legendary Maratha warrior king, who was a devout patriot, outstanding administrator, exceptional strategist and a benevolent ruler and his heroic life continues to inspire every Indian?
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Ahilyabai Holkar
4. Health Minister Dr.Harsh vardhan on 19th Feb 2021 launched the intensified ______________________________ immunization programme. The new programme will begin from 22nd of February for 15 days and another phase from the 22nd of next month.
Mission Indradhaush 1.0
Mission Indradhaush 2.0
Mission Indradhaush 3.0
Mission Indradhaush 4.0
5. The Central Government on 19th February 2021 launched which campaign to boost the adoption of electric mobility vehicles and electric cooking appliances to ensure energy security in the country?
Go Electric
Electric Sustainability
Go Green

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