Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Daily GK Current Affairs Quiz - 8th December 2020

1. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has declared ______________ as winner of the 2020 United Nations Investment Promotion Award. The award ceremony took place at UNCTAD Headquarters in Geneva yesterday. The Award recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements of the World’s best-practice investment promotion agencies. The evaluation was based on UNCTAD’s assessment of work undertaken by 180 national Investment Promotion Agencies across the world.

Jago India
Invest India
UP-Unlimited Possibilities
Investor Initiatives
2. World Health Organisation has appointed which Indian-origin person as the Chief Executive Officer for the WHO Foundation and to assume his role as its inaugural CEO on January 1 2021?
Anil Soni
Suresh Soni
Anil Deshmukh
Sunil Pal
3. Army Chief General MM Naravane to be on a visit to the _______________ from 9th to 14th Dec. He will meet his counterparts and senior military leadership of these countries. It is the first time that an Indian Army Chief is visiting these countries.
UAE and Qatar
UAE and Oman
Qatar and Oman
UAE and Saudi Arabia
4. A World War II fighter ace who was the first human to travel faster than sound died on Monday, 7th Dec 2020at the age of 97. He broke the sound barrier in the rocket-powered Bell X-1 on October 14, 1947, earning him the title of "The Fastest Man Alive." Can you name him?
Ashley Sawyer
Charles Hanger
Chuck Yeager
Dan Boozan
5. Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the inaugural address at the virtual India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2020 on Tuesday, 8th Dec 2020. The fourth edition of the three-day telecom industry event will be held online for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic. IMC 2020 is being organised by the department of telecommunications (DoT) and the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) and will be held from December 8-10. What is the title theme for IMC 2020?
Innovation Next
Inclusive Innovation - Smart, Secure, Sustainable
Secure, Sustainable Future Ready
Inclusive Sustainability

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