Monday, November 9, 2020

Daily Current GK MCQ Quiz - 9th November 2020

1. PM Narendra Modi inaugurated which service via video-conferencing between Hazira in Surat and Ghogha in Bhavnagar district on Sunday, 8th November 2020?

Sea Plane Service
Train Service
RoPax ferry
Bus Service
2. To encourage women dairy farmers and to boost dairy farming in the state, which state Government has tied up with Gujarat-based Amul to procure milk from the state’s dairy farmers.
Andhra Pradesh
3. What is currently being emphasised as the mantra for celebrating Diwali with local products by the Indian Government?
Swadeshi Apnao
Khadi Abhiyaan
Boycott Foreign Goods
Vocal for local
4. _____________ on November 4, 2020 announced reforms that will abolish some key restrictions tying millions of low-paid and vulnerable migrant workers to their employers in conditions that have been rife with abuse and exploitation. The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development said the reforms will allow foreign workers the right to change jobs by transferring their sponsorship from one employer to another, leave and re-enter the country and secure final exit visas without the consent of their employer, which had long been required.
Saudi Arabia
5. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the Ministry Of Shipping will be renamed to Ministry of ______________________ to bring more “clarity” in the work it does.
Ports, Shipping and Waterways
Shipping Water
Oceanic Waterways

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