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Friday, October 16, 2020

Daily GK Today Current Affairs Quiz - 16 Oct 2020

1. To mark the _______ anniversary of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a commemorative coin of Rs 75 denomination, as a testament to India’s long-standing relationship with the global body. The Prime Minister also dedicated to the nation 17 recently developed biofortified varieties of eight crops.

2. India on late Thursday night imposed complete ban on import of which commodity with refrigerants worth $500 million, further tightening norms on “non-essential imports" to encourage local manufacturing and check imports from China?
Car Radiators
3. Jammu and Kashmir LG _________________ launches 'Mata Vaishno Devi' mobile application for devotees on 15th Oct 2020. Devotees will have access of live darshan & prayers being offered. Transport booking facilities also available on this app.
Manoj Sinha
Kewal Kumar Sharma
G C Murmu
Harsh V Shringla
4. Ministry of Shipping has announced that Director-General Shipping would be designated as an apex authority under the Recycling of Ships Act, 2019 for the ship recycling industry of India. Also office of the national authority will be set up in which place?
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Puri, Odisha
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Gandhinagar, Gujarat
5. In a move that is expected to exacerbate frictions between the US and China, the head of the Tibetan government-in-exile (he lives in exile in India and heads the Central Tibetan Authority) in India, _______________, on Thursday, 15th October 2020 met the newly appointed US special coordinator for Tibetan issues Robert Destro in Washington.
Dalai Lama
Lobsang Sangay
Pema Jungney
Somlung Mossang

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