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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Current Affairs General Knowledge GKToday Quiz - 10th October 2020

1. After Yoga, this famous Hollywood actress takes refuge in meditation focussing on Goddess Lakshmi. Taking to Instagram the actress revealed how focussing on the image of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi makes her feel joyful and also said that, this joy is the greatest door for your inner beauty. Can you name this actress?

Natalie Portman
Salma Hayek
Megan Fox
Emma Stone
2. In a huge setback for the rogue anti-CAA protestors and Islamic mobs of Shaheen Bagh in New Delhi, the Supreme Court on Wednesday, 7th October 2020, in a scathing remark said that the public places like Shaheen Bagh cannot be blocked or occupied indefinitely for protests. A Supreme Court bench of Justices _________________ delivered this verdict while delivering a judgement on the scope of the right to protest and whether or not there can be any limitations on such a right.
S K Kaul, Aniruddha Bose and Krishna Murari
S A Nazeer, Aniruddha Bose and Krishna Murari
S K Kaul, S A Bobde and Krishna Murari
S K Kaul, Aniruddha Bose and N V Ramana
3. Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology has approved proposals by 16 phone makers under the PLI Scheme for Large Scale Electronics Manufacturing. The PLI scheme was notified on 1st April announcing incentives of 4% to 6% on incremental sales (over base year) of goods under target segments that are manufactured in India to eligible companies, for a period of five years subsequent to the base year (FY2019-20). According to a press release issued by the ministry on Tuesday, 6th Oct 2020, the scheme will lead to a total production of more than Rs 10.5 lakh crores over the next five years. What does PLI stands here?
Production Linked Industry
Profit Linked Incentive
Profit Linked Industry
Production Linked Incentive
4. Taiwan Marks National Day Amid Spat With China Over Diktat to Indian Media. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen made a speech at the Presidential Office building for the National Day celebration in Taipei, Taiwan. When does Taiwan celebrates its National Day?
8th October
9th October
10th October
11th October
5. The Nobel Peace Prize was Friday awarded to the ___________________ for feeding millions of people from Yemen to North Korea, with the coronavirus pandemic seen pushing millions more into hunger.
World Hunger Programme
World Meal Programme
World Food Programme
World Feed The Poor Programme

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