Friday, July 31, 2020

Daily Current Affairs MCQ Quiz - 31st July 2020

1. Which company announced on 30th July 2020 it's ventures in to Rs 5,300-crore bread industry as it trnasfroms from a pure dairy frim to a diversified food and nutrition company?

Mother Dairy
2. The Supreme Court on July 31, 2020 barred the registration of which type of vehicles till it decides the issue of sale of such vehicles during the lockdown period?
3. Indian Space of Research Organisation (ISRO) is all set to allow the private sector to set up their own launchpad at the Sriharikota Launch Centre (SHAR). Currently, ISRO has ____ launchpads and _____ rocket assembly buildings at Sriharikota.
2, 2
2, 3
3, 2
3, 3
4. Who have been appointed as deputy directors in the Sports and Youth Affairs Department of Haryana as per the announcement made on July 29 by the principal secretary of the Haryana Government's Sports and Youth Affairs Department?
Kavita Phogat and Babita Devi
Geeta Phogat and Kavita Devi
Babita Phogat and Geeta Devi
Babita Phogat and Kavita Devi
5. Niti Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) has launched AIM-iCREST- an incubator capabilities enhancement program for an ecosystem which will be focused on creating high performing startups. Atal Innovation Mission has joined hands with _________ Foundation and Wadhwani Foundation who can lend credible support and expertise in entrepreneurship and the innovation space.
Bill and Melinda Gates
Azim Premji Foundation
Tata Trusts
Ford Foundation

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