Saturday, January 19, 2019

Data Mining Quiz - 2

1. Which of the following issue is considered before investing in Data Mining?
[C]Vendor consideration
[D]All of the above

2. A class of learning algorithm that tries to find an optimum classification of a set of examples using the probabilistic theory is known as Bayesian classifiers.

3. What would be the right sequence for Data Mining activities?
[A]Infrastructure, exploration, analysis, interpretation, exploitation
[B]Infrastructure, exploration, analysis, exploitation, interpretation
[C]Infrastructure, analysis, exploration, interpretation, exploitation
[D]Infrastructure, analysis, exploration, exploitation, interpretation

4. Dimensionality reduction reduces the data set size by removing ____________.
[A] Relevant attributes
[B]Irrelevant attributes
[C]Derived attributes
[D]Composite attributes

5. What is Strategic value of data mining?
[A]Work Sensitive
[B]Cost Sensitive
[C]Time Sensitive
[D]Technical Sensitive

6. The most “representative” point of a cluster is known as?

7. Which method to determine outlier tries to determine the model from the input data?

8. Which method is used to cluster high dimensional data?

9. In fuzzy clustering, a point belongs to every cluster with some weight between 0 and 1.

10. Dividing employees into different training groups by last name in alphabetically sorted order is an example of cluster analysis.

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