Thursday, January 4, 2018

RD Burman Quiz : Quiz On Bollywood Personalities.

1. What was the full name of RD Burman?

[A]Rahul Dev Burman
[B]Rishi Dev Burman
[C]Ram Dev Burman
[D]Raj Dev Burman

2. Which among the following movies was the first movie in which RD Burman was the music director?

[A]Pati Patni
[B]Teesri Manzil
[C]Chote Nawab
[D]Baaharon Ke sapne

3. For which movie RD Burman received his first filmafre award for music direction?

[B]Sanam Teri Kasam
[D]Yaadon Ki Baraat

4. What was the nickname of RD Burman?


5. In which among the following movies RD Burman acted with Mehboob?

[B]Bombay to goa
[D]Bhoot Bangla

6. RD Burman composed his first song at the age of ___?


7. What is the name of RD Burman's second wife, who is also a singer?

[A]Anuradha Paudwal
[B]Asha Bhosle
[C]K.S Chitra
[D]None of the abve

8. Which movie was released after his death and won him his last filmfare awards?

[C]1942: A love story

9. Where was RD Burman born?


10. RD Burman received his only Filmfare nomination for playback singing for this song.

[A]Kya hua tera waada…
[B]Mehbooba Mehbooba…
[C]Yamma Yamma…
[D]chand mera dil…

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