Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Latest current Affairs & GK Quiz For January 11th, 2018

1. Who has recently won India's first ever international medal in skiing?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A]Himanshu Thakur
[B]Aanchal Thakur
[C]Hira Lal
[D]Akriti Singh

2. Which state has topped the Logistics Performance Index?
[Category: India Current Affairs]

3. Who has become the official brand ambassador of Sikkim?
[Category: National Current Affairs]
[A]Arijit Singh
[B]Amitabh Bachchan
[C]AR Rahman
[D]Ranbir Kapoor

4. PhonePe has partnered with which of the following mobile wallet companies recently?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[D]None of the above

5. Who has been appointed as MD & CEO of National Payments Corporation of India?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A]Dilip Asbe
[B]Murali Lanka
[C]A.P Hota
[D]Sunil Sood

6. Which bank will launch an IPO worth atleast Rs 3200 crore ($500 million) in Feb?
[Category: Banking Current Affairs]
[A]Canara Bank
[C]Axis Bank
[D]PNB Bank

7. Under which among the following projects, Government had laid optical fibre in more than 1 Lakh gram panchayats, completing it's first phase?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A]Net India
[B]Digital Country
[C]Internet Bharat
[D]Bharat Net

8. Which state's government has banned e-cigarettes?
[Category: India Current Affairs]

9. Which bank is planning to raise $2 billion via overseas bonds?
[Category: Banking Current Affairs]
[A]Canara Bank
[D]State Bank Of India

10. India to sign a pact with which country for returning illegal Indian migrants within a month of them being detected by authorities?
[Category: International Current Affairs]
[A]United Kingdom

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