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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Akshay Kumar Quiz: Quiz On Bollywood Personalities.

1. What is the real name of Akshay Kumar?

[A]Rajiv Bhatia
[B]Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia
[C]Hari Om Bhatia
[D]Rajesh Om Bhatia

2. Before becoming an actor in Bollywood what was Akshay Kumar's profession?

[D]Assistant Director

3. Which was Akshay Kumar's debut movie?


4. How many 'Khiladi' movies has Akshay Kumar done ?


5. How many Filmfare awards are won by Akshay Kumar?


6. For which among the following movies did Akshay Kumar received the National Award for Best Actor?


7. What is the name of Akshay Kumar's wife?


8. What is the name of Akshay Kumar's production company?

[A]Hari Om Production Company
[B]Aarav Productions
[C]Vighana Harta Productions
[D]Mangal Murti Productions

9. In which year Akshay Kumar got honoured with Padma Shri?


10. Which among the following teams are owned by Akshay Kumar in World Kabaddi League?

[A]Khalsa Warriors
[B]Yo Yo Tigers
[C]United Singhs
[D]Royal Kings