Monday, December 4, 2017

The Wright Brother's Quiz : Top 25 Greatest Americans Quiz.

1. What were the names of the Wright Brothers?

[A]Orville, Mark
[B]Mark, Wilbur
[C]George , Mark
[D]Orville, Wilbur

2. When the Wright Brothers were in their 20s , they opened a shop where they sold, repaired, and built ______?


3. The first airlplane's wingspan thay they built was of how many ft. ?


4. The Wright Brothers were idea for a way to control an aircraft in the air was inspired by observing which among the following?

[C]Otta Lilienthal
[D]None of the above

5. Where did the Wright Brother's moved to began their flying experiments?

[A]South Carolina
[B]North Carolina
[D]New York

6. How many ft. did the first plane that they invented fly?


7. What was the engine of the plane called?


8. Who was the Vice President when George Washington was the President?

[A]Wright Mechanic Shop
[B]Wright Bakery
[C]Wright Cycle Company
[D]None of the above

9. What did the Wright Brothers made in 1900-1902?

[B]Wind Tunnel

10. Because of the Wright Brothers, North Carolina is now called the _______?

[A]First in Flight
[B]First Flight
[C]First to fly
[D]First flying Airplane

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