Friday, December 29, 2017

Latest Current Affairs & GK Quiz For December 29th, 2017

1. Who among the following has been named as the PETA;s person of the year by animal rights organisation "People for Ethical Treatment of Animals"?
[Category: International Current Affairs]
[A]Priyanka Chopra
[B]Anushka Sharma
[C]Virat Kohli
[D]MS Dhoni

2. On last Sunday of every month, PM Narendra Modi's programme _______ is hosted on All India Radio, DD National & DD News.
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A]Namo se baat
[B]Desh ki Baat
[C]Mann ki Baat
[D]Dil ki Baat

3. By how many percent, the government has cut the interest rate on small savings schemes for the January-March quarter?
[Category: India Current Affairs]

4. Who among the following has been sworn in as the speaker of the Himachal Pradesh Assembly?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A]Ram Lal Thakur
[B]Virdhara Singh
[C]Raiv Bindal
[D]Jai Ram Thakur

5. Which of these apps has crossed 100 million downloads recently?
[Category: India Current Affairs]

6. Israel is going to dig a railway tunnel after the name of US President Donald Trump in which city?
[Category: International Current Affairs]

7. Who has been appointed as the director General of Narcorics Control Bureau?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[B]Avinash Bhawari
[C]J.S Rawat

8. Which ministry has launched the famous "Beti Bachao Beti Padhaao" campaign?
[Category: National Current Affairs]
[A]Ministry of Children Development
[B]Ministry of Women Welfare
[C]Ministry of Women & Child Development
[D]None of the above

9. Who has been named as the top-grossing actor of 2017 by Forbes?
[Category: International Current Affairs]
[A]Will Smith
[B]Vin Diesel
[C]Tom Hanks
[D]Johny Depp

10. In which state "GIFT" a global financial & IT services hub is located?
[Category: India Current Affairs]

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