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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Franklin D. Roosevelt Quiz : Top 25 Greatest Americans Quiz

1. What was Franklin D. Roosevelt better known as?


2. What was Franklin D. Roosevelt's career before he became a politician?

[C]College Professor

3. How many times was Franklin D. Roosevelt elected as the President of USA?


4. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the governor of which among the following city?

[D]New York

5. In which year Franklin D. Roosevelt sworn in as the President Of USA?


6. Which disease afflicted Franklin Roosevelt?


7. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the ____ President of USA.


8. What was the name of FDR?s economic recovery program?

[A]Fair Deal
[B]Good Deal
[C]New Deal
[D]Square Deal

9. What was the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt's wife?


10. Franklin D. Roosevelt's radio talks to the nation were called as _______?

[A]Franklin Talks
[B]FDR Talks
[C]Fireside Chats
[D]Radio Roosevelt