Friday, December 15, 2017

Bob Hope Quiz : Top 25 Greatest Americans Quizzes

1. How many books were written by Bob Hope?


2. During how many wars and military conflicts did Bob Hope and his troupe entertained the troops?


3. What was the birth name of Bob Hope?

[A]Leslie Townes Hope
[B]Robert Bob Hope
[C]Benjamin Leslie Hope
[D]Bob Dylan Hope

4. In which year did Bob Hope went for his first USO tour?


5. How many in total USO tour did Bob Hope made?


6. Air Force named an airplane after Bob Hope, what type of airplane was it?

[A]F-15J Eagle
[B]A-10 Thunderbolt
[C]F-117A Nighthawk
[D]C-17 Globemaster

7. How many times Bob Hope hosted the Academy Awards from 1939 to 1977?


8. What was the signature song of Bob Hope?

[A]Thanks For The Memory
[B]Put It there Pal
[C]Merry Go Run Around
[D]Two Sleepy People

9. In which year did Bob Hope made his last USO tour?


10. In which city was Bob Hope born?

[A]New York
[D]None of the above

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