Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Billy Graham Quiz : Top 25 Greatest Americans Quiz.

1. What is the full name of Billy Graham?

[A]William Billy Graham
[B]William George Franklin
[C]William Billy Franklin
[D]William Franklin Graham

2. What was the name of Billy Graham's wife?

[A]Martha Graham
[B]Ruth Graham
[C]Deborah Graham
[D]Melaine Graham

3. When was Billy Graham born?

[A]January 17th, 1918
[B]March 31st, 1918
[C]November 7th, 1918
[D]February 22nd, 1918

4. Which Illiois college, did he graduated from?

[A]University of Illinois
[B]Northwestern University
[C]Augustana College
[D]Wheaton College

5. What magazine did Bally Graham publish?

[C]Boys Life

6. Billy Graham preached in how many different countries & territories?


7. Billy Graham is the only non-musician included into which among the following organization?

[A]The Gospel Music Hall Of France
[B]The Rock & Roll Hall Of France
[C]The University Of Illinois March
[D]None of the above

8. During Billy Graham's, about how many people has he preached to?

[A]7 million
[B]75 million
[C]200 million
[D]215 million

9. Where was Billy Graham raised?

[A]Zingjiang, China
[B]Dairy Farm in Charlotte, North Carolina
[C]A village near Texas
[D]None of the above

10. What event prompted his organization to stop calliing his meetings "Crusades" & instead refer to them as "Missions." ?

[A]September 11 Attacks
[B]The Iranian Revolution
[C]The Assasination of JFK
[D]The end of World War

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