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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Anil Kapoor Quiz : Quiz on Bollywood Personalities

1. How many filmfare awards are won by Anil Kapoor in various categories?


2. Which among the following was the debut movie on Anil Kapoor in bollywood?

[B]Humare Tumhare
[C]Hum Paanch

3. How many National Awards are won by Anil Kapoor?


4. For which movie did he get the Best Actor Award in “National Film awards”?


5. What is the name of Anil Kapoor's wife?


6. Which among the following actresses has done maximum films opposite Anil Kapoor?

[A]Madhuri Dixit
[B]Meenakshi Shashadhree
[C]Sridevi Kapoor
[D]Juhi Chawla

7. What was the name of Character played by Anil Kapoor in Mr.India?

[A]Arun Verma
[B]Sunny Saxena
[C]Rahul Khanna
[D]Ajay Gupta

8. What is the name of Anil Kapoor's son who debuted in the movie Mirzya?


9. Which among the following movies is not produced by Anil Kapoor?

[A]Black & White
[B]Gandhi My Father
[C]My Wife's Murder
[D]Badhaai Ho Badhaai

10. In which among the following movies Anil kapoor’s character name was “Shivaji Rao Gaekwad”?