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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ronald Reagan Quiz : Top 25 Greatest Americans Quiz

1. When was Ronald Reagan born?

[A]January 9th, 1911
[B]February 6th, 1911
[C]May 2nd, 1911
[D]November 26th, 1911

2. What was the complete name of Ronald Reagan?

[A]Ronald Wilson Reagan
[B]Ronald Mark Reagan
[C]Albert Ronald Reagan
[D]None of the above

3. Ronald Reagan was the ____ President of US?


4. Who among the following was the Ronald Reagan's Vice President during his presidency term?

[A]Edwin Stanton
[B]Andrew Johnson
[C]Hannibal Hamlin
[D]George H.W.Bush

5. What was Reagan Ronald's FBI code name during the Red Scare of the 1950s?


6. Before Ronald Reagan joined politics, he was a _____?


7. In 1946, Ronal Reagan became president of what entertainment industry group?

[A]Actor's Equity Association
[B]Screen Actors Guild
[C]Academy of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences
[D]None of the above

" 8. Before Ronald Reagan became President of USA, he was the 33rd Governor of ________?


9. From which college did Ronald Reagan graduated in 1932?

[A]Eureka College
[B]Yale University
[C]University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
[D]University of Notre Dame

10. When did Ronald Reagan died?

[A]July 15th, 2005
[B]June 5th, 2004
[C]March 1st, 2010
[D]November 19th,2006