Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Henry Ford Quiz : Top 25 Greatest Americans Quiz

1. When was Henry Ford born?

[A]March 5th, 1863
[B]November 20th, 1863
[C]August 14th, 1863
[D]July 30th, 1863

2. As a teenager, what did Henry Ford develop a reputation for being good at?

[A]Fixing Watches
[B]Fixing wagons
[C]Shoeing Horses
[D]Raising Barns

3. While working at The Edison Illuminating Company, Ford met this person and formed a close friendship with him.?

[A]Adolf Hitler
[B]Thomas Edison
[C]Benjamin Franklin
[D]None of the above

4. Henry Ford's factory was located in which city?

[C]New York

5. Henry Ford grew up in a farm in which state?

[A]New York

6. Which among the following was the first vehicle Henry's company, the Detroit Automobile Company, produced?

[A] A Motocycyle
[B]A Quadricycle
[C]A race car
[D]A delivery truck

7. About how many Ford cars were made every day at the Ford factory in the 1920s?


8. How many children does Henry Ford had?


9. When did Henry Ford died?

[A]April 7th, 1947
[B]May 4th, 1947
[C]March 16th,1947
[D]None of the above

10. In what year did Ford stop production of the Model T?


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