Friday, November 17, 2017

George Washington Quiz: Top 25 Greatest Americans Quiz.

1. George Washington grew up on a farm, in which state the farm was?


2. What was the name of George Washington's first wife?


3. When was George Washington born?

[A]January 2nd, 1732
[B]March 31st, 1732
[C]November 40th, 1730
[D]February 22nd, 1732

4. Where did George Washington go to live with his half-brother Lawrence after the death of his father in 1743?

[A]New York
[B]Los Angeles
[D]Mount Vernon

5. Which among the following positions was given to George Washington by Second Continental Congress in 1775?

[C]Prime minister
[D]None of the above

6. What was the first war that Washington took part in?

[A]The Indian War
[B]Sample Option2
[C]Sample Option3
[D]Sample Option4

7. In which yearGeorge Washington first took oath as President of USA?


8. Who was the Vice President when George Washington was the President?

[A]James Monroe
[B]Thomas Jefferson
[C]Alexender Hamilton
[D]John Adams

9. George Washington was the ____ President of USA?


10. When did George Washington died?

[A]December 14th, 1799
[B]November 17th, 1799
[C]March 14th, 1799

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