Monday, November 27, 2017

Elvis Presley Quiz : Top 25 Greatest Americans Quiz

1. When was Elvis Presley born?

[A]March 5th, 1935
[B]November 20th, 1935
[C]January 8th, 1935
[D]July 30th, 1935

2. What did Elvis Presley say was the "purest thing there is on this world"?

[C]The Blues
[D]Gospel Music

3. Who among the following persons said that "Elvis died the day he joined Army"?

[A]Arthur Miller
[B]John Lennon
[C]Richard Nixon
[D]Bob Dylan

4. Where was Evis Presley Born?

[C]New York

5. What was Elvis Presley's home called?

[A]Presley Palace
[D]None of the above

6. What was the cause of Elvis Presley's Death?

[A]Heart Attack
[C]Brain Tumor
[D]Car Accident

7. What was the first record to reach number 1 on the US Country & western, rhythem & blues, and pop charts in the same week?

[A] Jailhouse Rock
[B]Hound Dog
[C]Blue Suede Shoes
[D]Heartbreak Hotel

8. What was Elvis Presley popularity known?

[A]"King of Rock"
[B]"The King"
[C]Both Of the above
[D]None of the above

9. Which was the first muovie of Elvis Presley's 31 movies?

[A]Viva Las Vegas
[B]Love Me Tender
[C]Jailhouse Rock
[D]King Creole

10. In which year Elvis Presley died?


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