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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Quiz On Great Personality Of India : Indira Gandhi

1. What was the full name of Indira Gandhi?

[A]Indira Priya Gandhi
[B]Indira Priyanka Gandhi
[C]Indira Priyadarshani Gandhi
[D]Indira Chitrdevi Gandhi

2. When was Indira Gandhi born?

[A]14 November 1920
[B]19 November 1917
[C]15 November 1922
[D]11 November 1926

3. Which University did Indira Gandhi attended in India?

[A]Viswa Bharati University In Calcutta
[B]Kurukshetra University in Haryana
[C]University Of Pune in Maharashtra
[D]None Of the above

4. Which University did Indira Gandhi attended in Britain?

[A]University Of Oxford
[B]University of Aberdeen
[C]Kingsten University
[D]University Of Bolton

5. What was the name of the husband of Indira Gandi?

[A]Feroze Gandhi
[B]Rajiv Gandhi
[C]Sanjay Gandhi
[D]Rajan Gandhi

6. What was Indira Gandhi’s portfolio when she became a member of Lal Bahadur Shastri's cabinet?

[A]Finance Minister
[B]Home Minister
[C]Railway Minister
[D]Minister Of Information And Broadcasting

7. When did Indira Gandhi became the First ever female Prime Minister Of India?

[A]24 January 1966
[B]25 February 1965
[C]23 March 1964
[D]None Of the above

8. Who impersonated Indira Gandhi while talking on telephone to a bank manager and later withdrew sixty lakh rupees from her account?

[B]Rustum Sohrab Nagarwala
[C]Mata Hari
[D]David Leeson

9. Indira Gandhi was the _____ Prime Minister Of India?


10. When did Indira Gandhi died?

[A]27 August 1984
[B]24 June 1984
[C]31 October 1984
[D]30 November 1984