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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Quiz On Great Personalities Of India: Ramprasad Bismil

1. When was Ramprasad Bismil born?

[A]12 June 1898
[B]11 June 1897
[C]9 June 1895
[D]10 June 1890

2. Which among the following places was the birth place of Ramprasad Bismil ?


3. Ramprasad Bismil was one of the founder of which among the following revolutionary organisations?

[A]Bharat Mata Society
[B]Vyayam Mandal
[C] Hindustan Republican Association
[D]None of the above

4. Ramprasad bismil was famous for his _____?


5. Ramprasad Bismil executed a meticulous plan for looting the government treasury carried in a train at Kakori, what was the name of that train?

[C]Garib Rath
[D]Saharanpur-Lucknow passenger train

6. What was the name of the autobiography on the life of Ramprasad Bismil?

[A]Young India
[B]Kakori ke shaheed
[C]Meri Kahani
[D]Neel Darpan

7. What was the pen name Ramprasad Bismil used to use for his poetries?

[D]All Of the above

8. In which jail Ramprasad Bismil was hanged?


9. Ramprasad Bismil's body was taken to which river for a Hindu Cremation?

[A]River Gomati
[B]River Rapti
[C]River Ganga
[D]River Yamuna

10. When was Ramprasad Bismil hanged/died?

[A]19 December 1927
[B]17 December 1930
[C]14 December 1925
[D]15 December 1920